Probate Administration

Our legal services in the area of Probate Administration involve representation of clients who are facing the aftermath of a loved one passing away and the tasks associated with properly administering the estate of their loved one through the Probate Courts in South Carolina.

We bring legal and practical experience and compassionate counsel to our client’s journey through the probate process. We serve from the point in time when a client must look for and interpret the terms of a loved one’s Last Will & Testament, or face the prospect of Probate without a Will, through the inventory and accounting requirements of South Carolina Probate Laws, and the distribution of assets from the Probate Estate. We represent the Personal Representatives, any person interested or involved in the probate process, or even serve by appointment of the Probate Court as a Special Administrator for a specified role in the administration of a Probate Estate.

Probate Administration Services include:

  • Probate of Wills (Testate)
  • Probate Without a Will (Intestate)
  • Personal Representative Representation
  • Small Estate Administration
  • Agreements among Successors
  • Inventory of Estate Assets
  • Accounting of Estate
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Representation in Probate Court

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